How To Determine Highest Yield

I am happy to own any asset offered on HTTPS://www.DODOEX.IO

I would like to take advantage of both staking to liquidity pool and mining the same asset to earn income.

As I begin to deposit into liquidity pool and staking tokens, what logic should I use to determine the best practice to determine highest yield?


  1. All tokens appreciate the same in the open market. (I know, this never happens. Let’s remove this variable door this conversation).

  2. I am willing to deposit into liquidity pool and stake for mining

What factors/variables available on the exchange should I consider to make highest yield?

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Thank you for choosing the DODO DEX.

If you have DODO token, you can stake DODO in [mining] DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.
If you have USDT/USDC/ETH/WBTC, you should provide liquidity first in [liquidity pool], then go to [mining].

For other tokens, I suggest you wait for the release of DODO v2.0 before providing liquidity, because they are about to close and will be opened after 2.0.

Here is our discussion community, you can get faster feedback through the CM.