How can approve my USDT token?


When I try to trade USDT to DODO I get this screen what should I do?


You need to confirm via wallet. What walle are you using?

I am using trust wallet and I think I found the place where I can approval. The problem is there is a price for approval and its equal to USDT price. is there a way to approval without a fee?

Hi! I have the same problem. Just no actions at trust wallet (connected to dodo).

Before pressing Approval my USDT you should open your Trust Wallet. then go to the settings, after then open WalletConnect, and let this screen open while you click to approve button.

nothing works. the camera opens (QR-scan) on “WalletConnect” at Trust Wallet and then I click “approve my USDT” at Dodo. …?

That means you have not connected your DODO wallet to your trust wallet yet. you need to check it out again.

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You can’t reopen trust wallet page with connected services. So just don’t close it when connect. Now it works.

And in Safepal how can i approve? nothing appears in app…