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Hello dodo community. I invested $ 100,000 in dodo. And I’m starting to get disappointed in this. The dodo team does not promote the product. I ask the community to convey to the administration of the project that they need to hire a professional pr-manager who will deal with the marketing of the dodo. No matter how good a dodo product and its development would be, their development is impossible without PR and advertising. Take a look at pancake, their community is interesting, constantly promotions, prizes, contests, every 10 minutes on social networks from them there is advertising, and news. Dodo has 1 tweet per day. This is very weak. We need a professional marketing team for development !!! I am ready to help the dodo community, my telegram @ miroshnik759

These are my sketches. If someone has ideas, suggest…


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I support. Airdrops are required. This encourages people to be in the dodo community.

Yes I agree with you. I joined Vdodo at a high cost. I closed it with damage. I’ve spent a long time in tests before. I have been very loyal from my debut to this day. However, I had to quit after the last situations. I was expecting great progress for the Dodo, but it was disappointing. But it’s not too late yet. With a good pr work, it can be more popular than most platforms.


To give an example: After the hacking incident, we can give the image that we are standing / strong with a solid reward distribution.
It can also make better use of social media. Min 5-10 twits per day

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The complete absence of the pr-manager will lead the dodo to death. Without advertising, this is a dead project.

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dai dai appears once a day. It should do this tighter Example (avax: @ el33th4xor)

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the dodo team, instead of assuring people not to worry that everything is fine, they fixed everything, wrote 100 tweets, the dodo is developing, donations are distributed to all holders. So that people do not run away to other projects. What do we see from the dodo team? 1 tweet that they were hacked ??? Very clever. With this approach, retail investors will not fail in the dodo.

I absolutely agree …

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pancake has a more interesting community. every day 100 tweets, promotions, draws, they attract people. you need to take an example from them. and the dodo does nothing.

It seems like that they doesn’t really care about vDODO holders… For 14 days there were no benefits announced for our holders.

It looks like the dodo team sold their coins on the binance launcher for $ 7-8. And now they are millionaires and they don’t care about the project.

Sounds realistic! it is really a poor development - there is a big step towards professionalty necessary!

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I agree with you. I’ve lost confidence

Yes agreed, I invite them to start in Asia Pacific where my team is so strong but they did not reply back to me

Ok so now I’m not sure if wait to sell when price raise a little bit or sell now and loose some mony but not too much. if the project were alive I would keep, so I don’t know…

This is another deception of investors. They don’t even respond to user complaints. Why did Binance allow them to be listed on its exchange? They are not involved in the project!

As you know, we can’t do any financial advice - so there is a bad felling - as well as the incident last days. So either they will start an offensive PR campaign - or they are already rich as hell, doing nothing. try to stay calm

The developers merged all their coins during the listing on the $ 8 bin. And now they don’t care about the project. They are millionaires.

hello friend,DODO is a long term project, please give the team time and they will come up with some outstanding performance