vDODO Missing from vDODO Staking

Hi I staked a bunch of DODO to mint vDODO’s when DODO was first launched.

Today when I opened the vDODO site all my vDODO’s are gone. I had over 18.65 vDODO’s in total and now they are no where to be found.

I can see in the wallet’s transaction history all the vDODO transactions but they are gone.

Please can DODO advise what has happened to my assets? My wallet address is 0xDdC271a34c21477E92ad1Fb6f525a57A9b13b155

Please advise on how to recove my assets and continue staking my vDODO’s.


Hey, we checked your address and you have the vDODO, pls check again at this page: DODO - Decentralized Trading Protocol for Web3